Compassion beats Compulsion

When I was younger, we used to play a game where two people counted to three and on the third wave of their hand would choose either paper, scissors, or rock.  Paper covered rock, but scissors cut paper.  Rock crushed scissors.  It was a simple game, but used for a variety of purposes.  Today in devotional time, I read that “love’s compassion is a greater force than law’s compulsion.”  The thought reminded me of those days of counting “one, two, three” and trying to guess correctly which of the three options to choose: paper, rock, or scissors.  I thought how sometimes in life I find myself faced with a choice that requires a response.  Experience has shown that those choices made from the force of love’s compassion are indeed stronger than those forced by law’s compulsion.  Perhaps those who would attempt to direct and control human behavior would do well to consider that love’s compassion is a stronger motivation than law’s compulsion.  Thoughts anyone?


~ by brotherfaron on August 13, 2009.

2 Responses to “Compassion beats Compulsion”

  1. Just read about your blog in the Alabama Baptist. I have read all your posts so far and am delighted to still be able to get a word from you on a regular basis. Blessings to you and Nancy.

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