Fresh Water From Dry Ground

I was reading a psalm in devotional today.  Psalm 107 is deemed to be a song of “Thanksgiving for God’s Deliverance” according to the subtitle in my Holman Christian Standard Bible.  Verse 35 says “he turns a desert into a pool of water, dry land into springs of water.”  I thought back over the years of life when I felt like I was in a dry, desert place.  More than once, I have actually been in such a place!  Many times I have felt like I was in such a place even when I was living in well watered forest country, or on a lush tropical island, etc.  The thought came to me that God knows that we not only pass through dry, desert places in the physical world sometimes; He also knows that we sometimes pass through, even dwell in, such places spiritually and emotionally.  As I meditated on this verse, God began to bring back to my remembrance the many times He has turned those dry, desert places of my life into springs of living water!  God has used the difficulties of those desert experiences to show me His faithful love and ability to provide the things I need for life and godliness.  How about you?  Can you think of some times in your life when you were in a desert place with nothing but dry ground all around in your spirit?  Take a fresh look at Psalm 107:35 and remember that “He turns a desert place into a pool of water, dry land into springs of water.”  Have a blessed day!


~ by brotherfaron on August 26, 2009.

2 Responses to “Fresh Water From Dry Ground”

  1. As our EBA team prepares for our Guatemala mission project, I learned that drought has hit Guatemala during the “rainy” season. I’m praying that we share living water with the families/people of Jerez and with the Lucas family.

    • Thanks, Brother Jim. We will be praying with you for “springs of living water” in Guatemala, especially for Pastor Lucas and his family and the people of Jerez. Go with God, my friend!

      Faron Golden Pastor, Bethlehem East Baptist Church

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