Called, Chosen, Faithful

Many Christians are familiar with a quote that says “many are called but few are chosen“.  The quote comes from Matthew 22:14.  I have heard many sermons and lessons built around this dual theme of being “called” and being “chosen”.  Typically, the gist of such sermons and lessons has to do with the “many” being called to receive God’s gift of salvation, but few being “chosen” through their acceptance of His gift.  Sometimes the dual theme is tied to the two roads referenced in Matthew 7:13,14, where we read of a broad way that leads to destruction and many who travel that way; and we read of a second way that is narrow and its gate strait and few travel that way but it leads to life.  Today I would like to offer that there is a third, perhaps even more critical theme that is often overlooked.  Revelation 17:14b says “…and those who are with Him are called, chosen, and faithful.”  Do you see it?  Those who are with Christ, the Lamb of God, are first “called”.  God has called us out of darkness into His marvelous Light!  Then they are “chosen”.  God has chosen each of us to be an instrument in His Hand and serve as His witness where we are.  Then, they are “faithful”!  Thank God for the called, chosen, AND faithful followers of the Lamb who down through the ages have held fast to the victory that is ours through the Lord of lords and King of Kings.  Oh, you ask, is there a road or path associated with this third and most critical of Christian themes?  Take a fresh look at Isaiah 35:8-10. Yes! There is way and it is called the Highway of Holiness unto the Lord.  Let us then be found Faithful!  Amen.


~ by brotherfaron on September 6, 2009.

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