Our Prayer Life, Our Relationship

It has been said that our prayer life reflects our relationship with God.  One author I read says it this way: “One’s relationship with God will never rise above the level of one’s prayer life.”  When I remember that in the Bible the House of God is never called a “house of worship” nor a “house of preaching” nor a “house of fellowship” but a “house of prayer”, I wonder if indeed our prayer life may be much more integral to our relationship with God than we sometimes realize.  Most of us Christians would aver that we believe in the power of prayer, but how much do we really pray?  Many of our children have heard us say grace at the table, but how many of them have heard us call out their names in intercessory prayer, asking God to save them and draw them close to Him?  Many of our friends have heard us tell them “I will pray for you”, but how many of them have actually heard us take them by the hand and lift them up in prayer?  Today, I ask the Lord to help me more faithfully and fully practice prayer!  I commit myself to purposely develop my prayer life, trusting that as I do, my relationship with the Father will develop as well.  Join me?


~ by brotherfaron on September 15, 2009.

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