Renewed Mindset

It has been said that “the mind is a terrible thing to waste.”  When you think about it, the mind is indeed an incredible thing.  Our minds process countless bits of information simultaneously, control various body activities, and often engage in multiple conversations and thought processes at once.  The down side of these amazing control units of our physical being is that the mind can become cluttered with things that are essentially waste.  Our mind can store memories of unkind words someone spoke to us.  The mind can store harsh feelings.  The mind can accumulate lurid thoughts and evil intentions and wicked imaginations.  Sometimes these harmful and wasteful things find their way to action and the calamity and mayhem we often see in the news are the results.  Sometimes, however, these harmful and wasteful things simply clutter of our mind, causing that incredible instrument of amazing capacity to become a veritable wasteland.  Perhaps that is why Ephesians 4:23 exhorts us to “be renewed in th espirit of your mind.”  I know that every now and then I need a “clean sweep” of the mind.  I find myself coming to Christ and seeking His renewal in the spirit of my mind so that I can get a fresh and more positive outlook from within the realm of my mind.  Like a clear day dawning with fresh and exciting possibilities, a renewed mindset seems to give me a second wind for the race of life.  I hope you, too, can experience the blessing of a renewed mindset in the Lord.


~ by brotherfaron on October 2, 2009.

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