A Place for Our Hope

Recent events in our nation and our world have tested the dreams and hopes of many.  Loss of jobs, loss of sons and daughters in a seemingly never ending war, loss of confidence in elected officials, and a host of other issues have brought about depths of despair for a lot of people.  Some once had great hope in the stability and security of job in their chosen career field.  Some once had great hope that when a certain person or party won election to office, things would change for the better.  Some had hopes of a child growing up to become a successful and prosperous leader of their own family one day.  Hope is a fragile thing and can so easily be dashed into pieces by unexpected turns of events.  Is there a place we can put our hope and know that our hope remains secure?  Psalm 119:147 says “I rise before dawn and cry out for help; I put my hope in Your Word.”  I am thankful that the ups and downs of my own life have convinced me that our hope is always secure in God’s Word.  While I have observed many changes over the years in family, in society, in government, in world affairs, and so on, I have also seen that the Word of God is sure and certain.  I have found that when I diligently seek Him early every day and when I hope in His Word, my hope remains stedfast and safe.  Have you found a place for your hope?  Why not place it in His Word?  He who is Faithful will most surely perform His Word!


~ by brotherfaron on October 10, 2009.

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