Where Arrows Fly

In our area, bow season begins later this week.  As I thought about the preparation and planning many of our bow hunters are doing as they make ready for the season, I remembered this verse from Psalm 127:4 “Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the sons born in one’s youth.”  I thought about the process of drawing a few arrows and releasing them in the general direction of a target just to get the old muscles back in the feel of drawing the bow.  It was not real important to me where the arrows actually landed; I just wanted to send a few down range.  Later on, I began to take more care in aiming the arrows toward the mark as I started sighting in the bow.  Of course, the arrows I took time to aim came much closer to hitting the mark than those I just let fly.  The thought occurs to me that where arrows fly is where arrows are aimed.  Perhaps the same is true with our kids.  Maybe they fly where they are aimed.  Just maybe more of us should take more time putting effort into getting our kids sighted in to life’s mark rather than just “sending one or two down range”.  Your thoughts and comments are welcome, of course!


~ by brotherfaron on October 13, 2009.

4 Responses to “Where Arrows Fly”

  1. This is so very true. As I examine my own life, I feel as if early on I was just sent down range with no direction or purpose. I try hard to aim for the target now and want the same for my children. Thanks for the encouragement as I work towards Miranda and Thaxton’s lives not to be arrows released just for the sake of having fired them. I pray that God will clearly reveal the target to me and to them. God bless you for the work that you do.

  2. This past week while Larry was in Brazil, I spent many moments in prayer with my children, and one night I was tired I forgot to pray, then woodrow began to pray not only for his father but also for the group in general, that touched me, I know that God has a wonderful plan for my children I do not know what..! but with the help of God we want to help them aimeed in the right direction.Thank you Bro.Faron

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