Hearts Revealed

Have you ever wondered what was in someone’s heart?  Maybe you had a crush on someone as a teenager and you wondered if they had any feelings for you in their heart?  Perhaps you saw a news story about someone accused of a terrible crime and you wondered what kind of evil the accused person had in their heart?  Or maybe you just sat in a mall somewhere and watched people as they passed by and from time to time you just wondered about their inner thoughts, what might be going on in their heart.  Some may even have done some introspection on our own heart, wondering why we behaved a certain way or why we said a certain thing.  I was reading this morning and ran across Psalm 145:5 which says “I will speak of Your glorious splendor and Your wonderful works.”  My reflection on that verse caused me to remember that the Bible also tells us that “out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.”  The more I reflected on the message of God’s Word to me today, the more I realized that our heart may not be so difficult to discern after all.  The prophet Jeremiah said that our heart deceitful above all things and asks “who can know it?”  Could it be that what comes out of our mouth gives us a reasonable indication of what is in our heart?  The 5th verse of Psalm 145 makes me think that my conversation reveals a lot about my heart.  For instance, when I have bad feelings in my heart about someone, I have noticed that I tend to talk to others a good bit about how bad the culprit did me.  When I am angry about failing at something, I have noticed that I tend to vocalize a lot of excuses about why I failed.  I could cite more examples, but maybe you get the picture.  What comes out of our mouths does seem to”say” a lot about what is in our hearts.  Psalm 145:5 then challenges us to see what our conversation tells us about our relationship with God.  “I will speak of Your glorious splendor and Your wonderful works.”  Has your conversation revealed that your heart is captivated with God’s awesomeness?


~ by brotherfaron on October 20, 2009.

2 Responses to “Hearts Revealed”

  1. People tend to share with me about “who did what to me” and “what I’m gonna do one day” to get back. Sometimes they actually use those words and other times it is blatent without those words. Whatever we tend to talk about is ususally where our focus is. You have pointed that out well. I am thinking today about the energy expended on our focus. When people talk about being wronged, they are usually louder and more active, gesturing and using their bodies, too, to emphasize. And they are willing to tell everyone! This is true if the focus is football, an argument we had, hurt feelings, anything that gets us stirred up. What if our focus were where it is supposed toi be? What if it were on God and what He is doing? Just think how much energy would be invested in something that moth and rust will not corrupt, something that will not pass away.
    Help me, Jesus. I cannot do it on my own.

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