When Three Become One

For this cause shall a man leave his mother and father and cleave unto his wife, and they two shall become one flesh.”  From these words we have concluded that marriage is about husband and wife joining together into the oneness of a relationship sanctioned by society and called “marriage”.  The reality of life is that very few couples ever truly experience anything near this oneness so described in the Word of God.  Have you ever wondered why?  Perhaps a fundamental cause of the common failure to truly find oneness in marriage is our tendency to overlook the third-party who is active in the process of establishing this institution of marriage:  Almighty and Sovereign God.  Throughout God’s Word, we see the great plan of God for the redemption of man.  The Bible is the expression of the Plan of Salvation in the completeness that is in Christ, the Lord.  So when we frame the marriage relationship in the context of God’s Word, we discover that the institution of marriage is designed to be a portrayal of the relationship between Christ and the Church.  The agent which brings together lost humanity with the saving Grace of God is the Holy Spirit.  So, in the picture of Christ and the Church, there are Three:  Christ (the Husband), the Church (His Bride), and the Holy Spirit (the Dynamo of God’s Love).  It follows that if we expect our marriage to be the wonderfully dynamic and exciting relationship God designed the institution to be, we need the Dynamo of God’s Love in our relationship.  Want to explore more about the Bible and relationships?  Join us at BEBC on Sunday afternoons at 5 PM Central time or contact bebcmin@windstream.net for information.


~ by brotherfaron on March 3, 2010.

4 Responses to “When Three Become One”

  1. These words are true and so many people never know them! I am enjoying that I found your blog and I take encouragement from it. Tell Nancy hello for me ,love you guys!

  2. Without God, then, there is no marriage? What God has joined together… He cannot join anything where He is not recognized. Awesome thought.

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