Second Life: Priceless

You have no doubt seen the commercials that show several items with some specific price and then show some key item or concept and declare it “priceless”.  As I was reading today, the passage in the closing verses of Mark chapter 8 seemed to speak to me in similar terms.  I realized that there are things in life that we hold dear and which have some measurable value.  For instance, a man might work for years preparing and studying and learning to become a physician.  In essence, we could say that in exchange for having the privilege of being a physician with all its benefits, a man might be willing to trade 12 or 15 years of his life or even more.  Or as another example, a person might agree to leave their home, their friends, and even their family to join their life together in matrimony and become the spouse of a partner who takes them to a far away place with strange surroundings and a completely different lifestyle.  So we might say that for the sake of being married to a particular spouse a person would exchange their comfort zone and familiar surroundings.  The question that is presented to us in Mark 8:37 however is “What can a man give in exchange for his life?”  This challenges us to realize that life is not really our possession in the first place.  Before we exist, we do not make a choice or a bargain in order to have life.  God gives us life and we begin our journey.  At some point, we discover that something has separated us from the One who gave us life in the first place.  Sin came into the world when the first man disobeyed God and every man who follows is distanced from God because of sin.  The ultimate wage of sin is death.  In answer to this predicament, God has given us “Second Life”.  Jesus said to Nicodemus on one occasion “you must be born again”!  So as I read the passage today, it occurred to me that being wealthy and respected might be worth the investment it takes to become, say, a doctor.  Being married to the person of our dreams might be worth the sacrifice it takes to join ourselves to them and go where they go.  But having the Eternal, Abundant, and Amazing Life that God gives us in Jesus Christ???  Priceless!


~ by brotherfaron on March 6, 2010.

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