The Son of God – Really

The Gospel of Mark, chapter 15, records in verse 39 the words of a Roman centurion who watched Jesus take his last breath.  That centurion declared definitively “This man really was God’s Son.”  When you strip away all the religious and theological baggage from the central question of life, that is what it comes down to. Either Jesus was the Son of God or He was not.  As I was reflecting on the Scripture this morning, it occurred to me that we have so much evidence supporting the claim of Christ to be the Son of God that nothing else really makes sense.  We have the wonder of His birth; the miracles He performed during His life on earth; the power of His words; the fact of His resurrection; and the testimony of those who knew Him.  This testimony, this declaration from a Roman centurion, is perhaps one of the most powerful affirmations of the Divinity of Christ.  Having witnessed the events of the Crucifixion and now watching this man die, something in the awe of it all touched the Roman centurion’s life in such a way that he declares “This man really was the Son of God.”  Let us not lose the import of that event.  If this rough and tough fighting man was so moved by the events of the Crucifixion and death of Christ on the Cross to recognize the reality of His being the Son of God, shouldn’t we too come to the place of recognizing Jesus as the Son of God – really?  Selah.


~ by brotherfaron on March 9, 2010.

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