One Nation, under God

Last week I participated in the National Day of Prayer, along with scores of others across our land.  In more than one venue, I heard and said those words we all know from school days:  “…one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all.”  Today I am reflecting on those words and their import.  Are we truly “ONE nation”?  Or has our openness and desire to grant liberty to every one led to our becoming multiple nations living in one land?  More and more I see evidences that we are at least two nations- one that speaks English and another that speaks Spanish.  I have nothing against speaking other languages, but are all the bi-lingual signs evidence that we have stopped being “one nation”?  Then there is the other phrase: “under God”.  How I wish it were true!  My fear is that we are only under God because in the end He is actually Sovereign.  I am afraid that as a nation have long since left the roots that our forefathers recognized and hoped to establish as the very foundation of this great land.  May God help us to return to Him and once again become “ONE nation, UNDER God”!


~ by brotherfaron on May 12, 2010.

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