Learning To Walk

Yesterday at church, I had the opportunity to observe some of the small children as they came and went with their parents.  It brought smiles to my face and warmed my heart to see the youngsters as they demonstrated varying degrees of progress in their ability to walk.  Some of them have developed well enough to make little running steps as they explore and investigate every new thing.  Others are still so uncertain of their own capability that they cling to a hand or a trouser leg as they toddle along.  Then there are the one or two that constantly start off on their own, waddling away from the crowd and heading off to who knows where.  As they would get a little distance down the sidewalk, they would turn to see if Mom or Dad could still be seen.  As long as they could see a familiar face, they would turn and head even further away until at last someone would have to go and fetch them back.  Finally, I noticed some of the children that seemed content to just walk along with Mom or Dad, happy and safe close to their side.  As you can tell, I am easily amused in my mellowed years!  Still, having the opportunity to observe these little ones in their development of the walking capability, I was reminded of the words found in 1 John 2:6, “He who says he abides in Him ought himself also to walk just as He walked.”  Reflecting on those words in light of my experiences watching the children at church, I thought about how some followers of Christ are like the “dashers”.  They come to know Christ and immediately take off in their walk.  Often, like some of the children who got going too fast and fell, these “dashers” start off with a bang and then fall on their faith along the path of life.  Others take it slower, “clinging” to some kind of security blanket as they inch along in faith.  These followers of Christ are like the little ones who hold to a hand or trouser leg for security.  “I can walk as long as I don’t have to step out on my own”, they seem to say.  Theses precious ones remind of followers of Christ who are okay as long faith does not require them to go too far out on a limb.  As long as they can stay in that comfort zone, they are okay.  That brings me to the “wanderers”.  Those little ones who have begun to stray out into the playground, turning now and then to see if they can find a familiar face.  Even while looking back to see where safety is, these little guys kept getting farther away until some one went to them and brought them back.  In them, I see the followers of Christ who head off into the world, looking back now and then to see if there is still hope and help in Christ, but getting more and more distant all the time.  Then, One leaves the throne and goes to where the wanderer is, collecting the wayward soul and returning him to safe harbor.  May God help me to learn to walk with Him, not away from Him!


~ by brotherfaron on May 17, 2010.

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