Musings on Memorial Day

My heart aches at the rush and bustle of this weekend.  So many are in such a rush to make the first vacation of summer.  Cookouts, lake trips, beach outings, etc seem to top everyone’s list of Things To Do during this holiday weekend.  Many churches experienced low attendance as families took time to get away for the beginning of summer’s madness.  I wonder how many actually took time to reflect on the sacrifices of so many who gave so much so that all this revelry could take place?  I wonder how many children will grow up without a real understanding of what Memorial Day is actually all about.  In my own church, I found that people confused this day with Veterans’ Day, thinking that Memorial Day is a time to recognize and honor veterans.  I have no objection to honoring veterans anytime.  I am one and I deeply respect and appreciate all who have served this nation and who continue to do so in various capacities of military service.  I look forward with excitement to the events of Veterans’ Day every year.  Today however is Memorial Day.  This day is set aside to remember and to honor those who have given their lives for a cause greater than themselves, the cause of freedom.  It is time to remember them and their families.  I pray and hope that more of us who enjoy the various liberties and freedoms we so quickly take for granted in these United States will once again begin to realize the importance of showing our appreciation for those who paid the ultimate price so that we can enjoy these privileges.  I pray that we begin to take time to teach our children about why we have a Memorial Day.  And above all, I pray that God will bless America again!  Give us heroes like those who have gone before that we may continue to be America, the home of the Brave and the Free!


~ by brotherfaron on May 31, 2010.

4 Responses to “Musings on Memorial Day”

  1. I once knew the difference between Memorial Day and Vereran’s Day, but had forgotten. It is good to be reminded. Growing up an Air Force brat, I was exposed to a lot of men and women who had endured hardship, even as POWs, some as widows, for the freedom I hod dear. Others I learned later had given their lives for us, especially in Korea and VietNam. We need to remember. I fear we are way too close to forgetting and repeating our errors. Then their lives were given in vain.

  2. Thanks for the reminder of the meaning of Memorial Day. For me this year – I thought about what can we DO to truly honor the memory of those who sacrificed their lives for our freedom? One very practical, immediate way is to exercise the freedom – worship on Sunday & vote on Tuesday. Apparently, many did not take those actions this year!

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