The Third Option

Tuesday, June 1, 2010, was a day of Primary Elections in our state.  As I listened to the reports that said “nearly 30 percent” of registered voters went to the polls, it occurred to me that many of us may need to be reminded of what I call “The Third Option”.  I regularly receive in the mail ballots for my vote on various issues regarding some of the mutual funds which make up some of the meager investments the Lord has allowed us to make.  Invariable, there are three options for each issue on the ballot:  For, Against, and Abstain.  When I first started getting these ballots, I would typically ignore them because I felt ill-informed and without enough knowledge to vote intelligently.  However, I would keep getting ballots with increasingly urgent requests to respond and finally I was informed that no response was considered to be the same as if I marked “Abstain”.  With that in mind, I would offer that some 70 percent of registered voters in Alabama chose “The Third Option” by not going to the polls on Tuesday.  Thus, they essentially chose to mark “Abstain” and their actual voice was not heard in the Primaries.  Sadly, there is a similar apathy in the realm of the church.  While America has a vast number of nominal Christians (may I call them “registered voters”?), it seems that only a small number of them are outspoken and vocal about their faith.  We have a few others who are perhaps even more vocal in their “Nay” votes denying faith in Christ.  My fear is that the largest majority, that 70% group not seen in our state primary elections, comprise those in the church who simply choose “The Third Option” and abstain from taking any stand at all.  May God forgive us of our apathy in both the political arena and in the place where it matters most: our stand for Christ.


~ by brotherfaron on June 2, 2010.

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