Mirror Thinking

An old adage says something like “what kind of church would my church be if every member was just like me?”  This past weekend, we had a short skit in our morning worship service which involved a person looking into a mirror and observing differences in his reflection as compared to a picture of someone else.  As I have been thinking back over the skit and the morning message that went with it, I remembered the aforementioned adage and started to think about that.  What if the members of the church I attend are reflections of me?  Now before you think I am being too egotistical, let me clarify.  I certainly do not expect others to follow my model and example of Christ-likeness because I have far too many flaws.  However, the skit I witnessed this weekend caused me to realize that sometimes people are watching us when we are not aware of it.  What if there is someone out there who has chosen to follow my example?  Will they grow closer to Christ by doing things I do and living the way I live?  Or will following my example lead them astray?  My prayer and my hope is that God will so fill me with the presence and character of His Son that I will be able to proclaim with the Apostle Paul “…and you should imitate me, just as I imitate Christ.”  My fear is that I have long way to go yet!  How about you?


~ by brotherfaron on June 8, 2010.

2 Responses to “Mirror Thinking”

  1. We never know who is watching. I am amazed sometimes when people say they are watching me. It is humbling, as I know I am not worth wotching. It is frightening as I know God will hold me responsible for where I lead others, especially children. I pray they see Jesus and that they see in me a woman trying to follow Him.

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