God’s Relief Well

Over the last couple of months, America and the world have watched the Gulf Oil spill disaster unfold.  Scenes of discolored ocean waters and tarball speckled beaches as well as oil drenched wildlife have become commonplace on our television screens.  Without a doubt this is the worst man-made disaster encountered by America to date.  As I have followed the story, it occurred to me that the disaster provides us with an object lesson about sin, its effect on our life, and the ultimate remedy.  Since the early days of the disaster, I have noted that there have been repeated references to the “final fix” being a relief well.  Until now, none of the other efforts to stop the flow of oil pouring into the gulf had much effect.  Even the present cap which captures some amount of oil and sends it to a ship topside only reduces the flow of oil.  It still seems that the “final fix” is that promised relief well which is months away.  Consider how the dark oil flowing into the waters of the gulf can be compared to the darkness of sin oozing into our life.  The gusher is roughly a mile below the surface and without the aid of special equipment and cameras, you cannot see the oil spewing forth into the gulf until it reaches the surface.  Over time, the surface of the gulf is becoming more and more murky as more and more oil spews forth.  Along the shores, evidence of the oil leak is seen in tarballs of all shapes and sizes.  While some white beaches are merely speckled, other areas are clearly soaked with the mess that results from the unseen well thousands of feet below the surface.  In a similar manner, the darkness of sin creeps into our life beneath the surface.  The spiritual nature of transgression of God’s law is often unseen at first.  Eventually the effect of that disobedience surfaces in our life and spreads until a life is saturated with it.  Think for instance of a person enslaved to drugs.  A once beautiful life becomes first spottily tainted with signs of addiction.  Without relief, the life spirals downward until only a shell of life remains, covered with the stains of the never-ending flow of sin erupting deep within our spiritual being.  Some lives may evidence the sin only in spotty ways, like the tarballs on the beach.  Others may be completed saturated, drenched with the blackness of hatred, bigotry, and animosity that results from a life of sin.  Man tries vainly to stem the flow of that evil tide.  We try every thing we can imagine, but nothing works.  The only genuine fix for the “sin spill” is the relief well of new life in Christ.  Jesus has promised that our faith in Him would become a wellspring of life, flowing from within us as evidence of His lordship in our life.  Isn’t it time we turned to God’s Relief Well for the answer to sin?


~ by brotherfaron on June 11, 2010.

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