Empty Thanks

“Thank you.”  Two words we hear often.  When we open a door for someone; when we let someone else go first in the check out line; when we hand someone a tissue for a sneeze; and the list goes on.  We hear the words but do we ever stop to consider if the words have any real meaning?  Sometimes I am guilty of saying “thank you” to someone merely because I know it is polite and it is expected in certain situations.  Yet, as I say the words, I do not even give a thought to truly being thankful.  The words, the “thanks”, are just empty thanks.  I wonder if the same is true sometimes where believers speak of being thankful?  When you say “thanks” (or grace) at the table, are you truly thankful for the food?  When you open your prayer with “Lord, we thank You for…” are you actually thankful for the things you name?  You see, when the Bible declares that we are to “in everything give thanks“, I suspect that God actually intends for us to be truly thankful, not just utter the words often.  As we celebrate Thanksgiving this year, let us reflect on whether our thanks to the Lord is genuine.  May God help us not to offer empty thanks!


~ by brotherfaron on November 23, 2010.

2 Responses to “Empty Thanks”

  1. Please. Thank you. Just good manners and, as you pont out, often simply habits. Even when we speak with our Lord and Savior. Appreciation seems to me to be what makes things valuable. If we do not appreciate what we have, we do not attach any value. That is true of education, family, church, even money and stuff.
    Lord, show me what I have that is of value. Remind me to appreciate all the things You have given me. I am so blessed.

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