Son Shine

On a recent flight, a young man sitting next to me looked at the evening sun as we descended into San Antonio.  The haze in the air allowed us to look directly at the sun, seeing its orange, round orb as the plane approached our landing.  “Is that the sun?” he asked, apparently having difficulty that you could look directly at the sun without it hurting your eyes.  Just moments before, while the plane was still high in the sky the sun had been so brilliant that we had to lower our eyes because of its brilliance.  Here’s my thought:  Jesus is like the sun in our life.  When our life has descended into the darkness of sin, we can still know that Jesus is real, but His illumination is dimmed by the haze of sin between us.  We fail to realize that He is the very image of God Almighty because our sin dims His true appearance.  It is only when the Grace of God lifts us from the miry clay that we rise to heights of worship that allow us to recognize the true sovereignty and priesthood of Christ!  Then the Son Shines in all His brilliance!


~ by brotherfaron on December 1, 2010.

One Response to “Son Shine”

  1. Reflected light.
    Please, Jesus, let Your light shine, reflected off of me, without the dinginess from unconfessed sin. Let me bask in the warmth of Your love as it is relected to a world, hungry and cold.

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