Proverbs Challenge, Day 3

1My son, let them not depart from your eyes— Keep sound wisdom and discretion; 22So they will be life to your soul

And grace to your neck.”

On this third day of our August Proverbs Challenge, I had to resist the urge to automatically go to the familiar verses of chapter 3 that call for us to not lean on our own understanding but to trust in the Lord so He can direct our paths (verses 5 and 6).  Instead, in keeping with the intent of our challenge, I took time to read and reflect on the words of the third chapter.  I found another nugget that is my thought for today.  Two things that are essential for life at its best:  wisdom and discretion.  As I read the benefits of these two fundamental blessings, I committed to pursue these two avenues of health and happiness.  The Bible has much to say about how to gain wisdom.  Discretion is a gift that I need much more of to avoid going down those “wish I had not said or done that” paths.  My prayer today is that God will help me, and all of us, grow in wisdom and discretion.


~ by brotherfaron on August 3, 2011.

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