The Final Pronouncement

Concluding a series on the Sermon on the Mount, we are looking at Matthew 7:21-29.  As Jesus wraps up the sermon that seems to provide a summary of the teachings of the Bible and of His life, He reveals that there will be a Final Pronouncement for all.  The closing verses of the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew are followed by the statement that the teachings and tone of Christ left the crowds astonished.  The reason given is that He taught with authority rather than in the manner of the scribes of that day.  The shocking thing about it is that Jesus wraps up the message with a statement that many who say to Him “Lord, Lord” will find that He denies every knowing them!  He illustrates the extent of this tragic revelation with the contrast between building on a solid foundation and building on sand that is easily washed away in the storms of life.  As I read the text, it seems that the pivotal point is Jesus expects His followers to both “hear” His teaching and “Do” what He requires.  That would seem to clearly tell us we are to live based on faith.  Our actions should demonstrate our faith.  For those who chose to live a life of mere “profession” without living a live that matches the profession of faith, the final pronouncement from Christ may come as quite a shock:  and a tragic reality!


~ by brotherfaron on October 13, 2012.

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