Our Inheritance

The Bible describes our inheritance as being imperishable, undefiled, and unfading and tells us that the inheritance is kept for us in heaven (1 Peter 1:4). Some quick thoughts that form the basis for a sermon I am working on are that our inheritance is given to us, not earned. We sometimes refer to our reward in heaven as God’s retirement plan, but that suggests that we earned the retirement benefits. Instead, this passage reminds us that we have an inheritance. The word imperishable speaks to me of a never ending fountain flowing freely and without end. Our inheritance is like that. We need not worry about lacking enough principal to keep the interest flowing perpetually. The word undefiled speaks to me of our inheritance being just right, not flawed. Sometimes we get a material thing like a new home or a new car and it is what we wanted but there will almost always be a flaw (nice ride but a gas guzzler, etc). Our inheritance in Christ has no flaw at all! Finally, the word unfading speaks to me of eternal. Our inheritance is ours forever. It is, after all, kept for us in heaven by our Eternal Heavenly Father. Aren’t we truly blessed?


~ by brotherfaron on June 4, 2013.

One Response to “Our Inheritance”

  1. Your thoughts get me to thinking. Our inheritance is eternal: without beginning or end. It began with God and continues as long as He is. Undefiled. Not here on earth or ever. Not by our sin or anyone else’s. It simply begins, ends and is totally dependent on Him and Him alone. Awesome. Thank you, Jesus.

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