A Holy Calling

The second epistle to Timothy has a phrase in the ninth verse of the first chapter (2 Timothy 1:9) that says in the New King James Version God has “…called us with a holy calling”.  Other translations use the term “holy life” for “holy calling”.  In either case, it seems clear that God has a “calling” for our life and it one of His choosing rather than one of “our own works”.  As I think about this “holy calling”, I grow more and more convinced that when God saved us He intends for us to follow His “holy calling” for our life.  In other words, God saved us and expects that we will then live a life that honors Him and reflects our gratitude for the amazing grace He has bestowed upon us.  Without getting all concerned and confused about whether God’s “calling” for my life is to be a pastor, or a doctor, or a business owner, or whatever, I think the message of God’s Word is that the “holy calling” for each of us is a “holy life” that glorifies God.

I understand that in our own strength and capacity we are not able to live “holy”.  We are by nature sinful beings.  However, the Bible teaches us that we can experience a “new birth” through the life changing power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We can lay down our old life, in a sense dying to self so that we can put on the new life that is ours in Christ.  Old things and sins of the past are forever gone when we accept the grace gift of salvation by faith in Christ.  Once we see that God has saved us in this way, I am convinced God then calls us, expects us to live in a way that honors and glorifies Him.  Surely, He has “called us with a holy calling”!


~ by brotherfaron on March 13, 2014.

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