The Main Thing

A few years ago, I preached a sermon based on the statement “The Main Thing is to keep The Main Thing The Main Thing”.  It was a simple message and yet it seemed to resonate with those who heard it.  I ran across the phrase “the main thing” this morning in conversation and it brought to my mind that sermon, along with an Anonymous poem that goes like this:

I have only just a minute, just sixty seconds in it.  Forced upon me – can’t refuse it.  Didn’t seek it, didn’t choose it.  I must suffer if I lose it, give account if I abuse it.  Just a tiny little minute, but eternity is in it.  It needs to count for His glory.  (Author unknown)

In the daily rush of life I sometimes find it difficult to remember “the main thing”.  I often get easily side tracked with various priorities that seem to compete for the title of “the main thing”.  I find that I do best and have the greatest sense of peace and well-being when I fall back on the lesson I intended to communicate with that simple message:  “the Main Thing is to keep The Main Thing The Main Thing”.  When I take the time early in my day to focus on my ultimate purpose –to live for the glory of God—I have less difficulty ordering my day.  Things that will likely not matter much in eternity slip from their place in my “to do” list and the truly more important rise to the top.

I hope that all of us whose schedules seem ever more hectic can simply remember to “Keep The Main Thing The Main Thing”!  Have a wonderful day and pass along a smile and a kind word.


~ by brotherfaron on March 18, 2014.

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