Things Not Done

After the service at church yesterday, I started thinking about important things sometimes left undone and how not doing some things can be as serious, or even more so, than things done. In terms of our journey of faith, we often thing of sin as things we do. After all, sin is defined as “the transgression of the law”. So we thing of sin as doing something that breaks the law of God. However, when you think about it you remember that Christ died on the Cross for our sin — for all the wrong things we do and have done. When Jesus said “It is finished”, I firmly believe the sin debt was paid in full.
What the sermon yesterday got me to thinking about are the things not done. Some thoughts that come to mind from a Bible story or two make me think that, as followers of Christ, we should devote some time to getting better at doing things not done. For example, recall the story of the rich man and Lazarus (Luke 16). I don’t see any indication in the parable of any bad thing the rich man did to Lazarus. Instead, I see that the rich man did not do what he could have done for Lazarus – he could have given Lazarus food and cared for Lazarus’ wounds.
In the passage used in the sermon yesterday, Matthew 25:31-46, the “goats” who are condemned and sent away from The Lord were not condemned for what they did. Rather, they were condemned for what they did not do!
I started thinking about things that I need to do; things that are important that sometimes get overlooked or just simply are left undone: things like accepting God’s offer of salvation by grace through faith; things like sharing my blessings of plenty with those in need; things like taking time to listen and offer a word of encouragement to someone who is hurting; etc. I pray that God will help me do the important “things not done” so that I may be found ready to meet Him when He comes!


~ by brotherfaron on March 24, 2014.

One Response to “Things Not Done”

  1. Yes indeed!! The message AND this blog SHOULD have us ALL thinking about the things we should do but don’t. Many times we have “good” intentions, but we don’t follow through. Good intentions are worthless without actions.

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