Paid In Full

When we owe a debt and come to the point that the debt is “paid in full” we often experience a sense of relief and excitement. Relief comes because we have been freed from the burden and stress of knowing that we owed the debt. Excitement comes because the resources that were once consumed paying the debt have been freed up to use on other things. Whether it is a car on which we have been making payments, a house for which we have been making mortgage payments, or a credit card that has consumed precious resources due to the high interest rates, having a debt “paid in full” is a good thing. Rarely do we experience having a debt “paid in full” that some change does not result. For example, we pay off a credit card and feel such relief that we immediately begin to shop, dine and otherwise spend money that once went to pay the debt. We pay off a mortgage and in celebration we host friends for a party to “burn the note”. The end result is that when our debt is “paid in full” something happens!

Which brings me to the point I have been thinking about today. The Bible tells us that God has made Christ Jesus the “payment in full” for our sin debt (see 1 John 2:2). Scholars debate and argue about the meaning of the word “propitiation”. However, the sum of all the arguments is that our debt of sin is satisfied in the death of Christ at Calvary. The question I have is what happens in our life when we hear the news that our sin debt is “paid in full”? Shouldn’t we celebrate and rejoice all the more that the sting of death is removed, more than when a simple financial obligation is finished? Yes! We should be the most thankful and joy filled people in all the earth to know that the debt we could not pay on our own has been fully satisfied by our Lord!

Why not take a moment and let the Father know how thankful you are that your debt is “paid in full”?


~ by brotherfaron on April 8, 2014.

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