Counter Culture Study Session 1 Thoughts

In our first session of the Counter Culture Bible study, we committed to pray that God will make us zealous for His glory and that God will make us passionate for people’s salvation. So what will it take for that to happen? My thought is that it will require the work of God in our hearts and lives. I am convinced that we will not be truly zealous for God’s glory in our own strength, nor will we be genuinely passionate for people’s salvation in our own ability. I feel strongly that we will need a true move of God in our very being in order to be transformed into people who are more concerned with God’s glory than our own comfort and well-being. I fear that unless God gives us His compassion we will never care for the lost and suffering around us the way God cares for them. I know that there have been circumstances that seem to generate some “flash in the pan” enthusiasm for the Lord. For instance, the 9/11 attacks generated a temporary increase in church attendance and an apparent interest in the things of God. However, that quickly disappeared. I remain convinced that we must pray and seek God to do His work in us. We must ask Him to make us zealous for His glory and we must depend on Him to make us passionate for people’s salvation. What do you think?

~ by brotherfaron on August 18, 2015.

2 Responses to “Counter Culture Study Session 1 Thoughts”

  1. I believe your right, except that what we really need in my opinion is repentance. The Holy Spirit is already at work in the world drawing men to God. We as believers are in need of repentance from our religion and selfishness. I believe pray is importance but doing it just as important. Who are we? We are His massagers sent to make disciple for him. This very thought is changing the culture of our church family.

    • Thanks for the comments. I believe you meant to say “We are His messengers sent to make disciples for Him” (auto correct will bite you every time!). That we need repentance is “spot on”. I hope that God will use the Bible study sessions to bring us to repentance as the Holy Spirit works in each session. Please continue to pray for us. Grace to you and to Capitol City Church!

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