Walk A Mile In His Shoes

I remember a song from years gone by that said “walk a mile in my shoes”. As I reflected today on the first three sessions of our Counter Culture Bible study, I thought about that statement in view of the life of Christ. I thought about which mile in His shoes I would most want to walk. Would it be traveling into Jerusalem for the Passover? Would it be along the shore of Galilee or in the wilderness where He encountered the temptations from the evil one? Surely it would not be along the Via Dolorosa? After pondering which mile I might want to walk in the shoes of Christ, I came to think that the whole point is not the mile. The point is the walk. It is the manner; the way; the journey itself. I began to see that to walk a mile in His shoes is really to join Him in His compassion and mercy and grace. How I wish I could truly walk, not just a mile, but every step of the journey “in His shoes”!

By the way, there will no study on Sunday, September 13th due to the Fall Revival. Until next week, grace to you in Christ Jesus.

~ by brotherfaron on September 12, 2015.

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