The Third “I” Word

I sometimes hear talk about two words beginning with the letter “I” when it comes to evangelism and disciple-making. “Intentional” and “Incarnational” are the words I most commonly hear. Certainly, both words have significance when it comes to our approach toward obeying the Lord’s command to take the gospel to every people group and to make disciples of all people groups. “Intentional” reminds us that we must not leave our work for Christ to chance. Instead, we must purposely and “intentionally” endeavor to carry out the work our Lord has given us. Most of us have heard lessons and exhortations related to the subject of “Intentional Evangelism”. More recently, I am hearing the word “Incarnational” in relation to our walk with Christ and our demonstration of His love toward man. People talk of “Incarnational” followers of Christ in the sense of those followers who seem to model Christ in such a way that they almost appear to be the “embodiment in the flesh” of Christ. Both of these characteristics of our life in Christ are good. We can even make a case that there is a bible basis for being both “Intentional” and “Incarnational” in our walk with and work for Christ. There is, however, a third “I” word that I do not hear as often—the word “Impassioned”.

I believe Merriam-Webster defines “impassioned” as “filled with passion or zeal: showing great warmth or intensity of feeling”. As I reflect today on being “intentional” and “incarnational” in our witness for Christ, I realize that I also need to be “impassioned”. Until my life overflows with the same “intensity of feeling” I find in the life of Christ as recorded in the scripture, I fear that my efforts will fall short. I pray that God will fill me with zeal for His glory and make me passionate for people’s salvation.


~ by brotherfaron on December 8, 2015.

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