Two Certainties Of Life

If you read the title of today’s blog from the American perspective, you most likely thought of “death and taxes”.  I suppose there may be some degree of “truth” in that old saying (“the only two things in life that are certain are death and taxes”).  Today, however, I want to mention two other certainties of life:  the waters and the fire (Isaiah 43:2).  As I considered the passage in the prophet Isaiah’s writing found in the bible, I really wanted the first word of verse 2 to be “if”.  The word is “when”.  It seems that God tells His people that they will pass through waters and they will pass through fires because God inspired the prophet to use the phrase “when you pass through” rather than “if you pass through”.

Here’s my thought for today:  You and I can be sure there will be times in our life when we “pass through the waters” and feel as though we are drowning in the sea of life.  There will be time when the “fires” of stress and pressure seem to consume us.  These difficulties are not mere possibilities.  They are certainties in life. The good news is that, just as certainly as we have the promise of water and fire, we have the declaration that God is with us!  I am thankful that God has redeemed us and called us by name!  Aren’t you?

~ by brotherfaron on May 13, 2016.

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