Proverbs Challenge, October 2016 – Day Twenty-six

Have you noticed how modern news broadcasts and papers have become more and more dramatic?  Instead of simply reporting events (i.e. news) the media and press have largely gone to promoting agendas.  It often seems that any morsel of real news creates a feeding frenzy in which the various outlets seem to try to outperform one another by over-dramatizing details.  For example, a train derails and passengers are injured and killed.  As soon as the story breaks, every outlet seeks to provide more and more of the details –often not actual details of the derailment as much as details of how the victims felt, what they saw, and so on.  More than providing facts as they become known, our media often seem pre-occupied with speculating and postulating, with each hypothesis firing off an additional round of frenzied effort to provide more dramatic coverage.  Maybe we should all consider the words of Proverbs 26:20 –

For lack of wood the fire goes out, and where there is no whisperer, contention quiets down.

As I think about those words, I realize that what we sometimes need is less fuel for the fire of drama and more quietness of spirit and word as we turn to the Lord for His guidance and direction.  When we hear of a marriage in trouble, we would likely be better benefited by simply praying to the Lord in our prayer closet about the matter than we are by spreading the news and our opinions across an ever-growing audience.  When we get that bit of news about a tragic situation in someone’s life, we would do well to talk to God about it and not throw fuel on the rumor mill that almost invariably erupts.  Perhaps if we chose to let the wood run out and to let the whispers fade away, we would see less strife and more reconciliation.  Just thinking.


~ by brotherfaron on October 26, 2016.

One Response to “Proverbs Challenge, October 2016 – Day Twenty-six”

  1. Verse 22 especially caught my attention today. “The words of a whisperer…go down into the soul.” I suppose that at some time or other, each one of us has been the victim of rumors. People can’t seem to get enough of those juicy tidbits of information. They don’t really care if it is true or not. They just enjoy talking about others. If they don’t get a dramatic enough response, they will keep “elaborating” until they are satisfied. There is something lacking in themselves that they try to soothe or fill by defaming the character of others.

    I thnk it is interesting that this verse is sandwiched between warnings of dealing with fools, descriptions of sluggards, and telling us what will happen to those who hate and lie.

    I believe the writer’s message is clear….mind your own business, don’t add fuel to the fire, and you won’t get burned!

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