Proverbs Challenge, October 2016 – Day Thirty-one

On this final day of the October, 2016, Proverbs Challenge, I am drawn to think about the opening phrase of verse two – “What should I say, my son?”.  It seems that King Lemuel opens with his own reflection as to what advice, what wisdom, what instruction he could offer that would best benefit his son.  As I read those words, it comes to me that all of us need to consider the legacy we will pass on to those who come after us.  What should I say?

Proverbs 31 goes on with several verses offering some wisdom and insight into about things like maintaining a right focus for our energy (verse 3); some caution about intoxicating beverages (verses 4-7); and some exhortation to speak up for those who are oppressed and needy ( verses 8-9). Then comes the section that deals with the attributes of a godly woman (verses 10 and following).  In light of my thoughts above, I wonder if King Lemuel answered his own question when he decided to take some time to provide guidance about one of the most critical of relationships – that of husband and wife?

Those verses that describe a virtuous woman and speak about how a husband who finds such a woman as his wife can safely trust in her and about how her children rise up and call her blessed may be verses intended to suggest the most important legacy we can leave to those who come after us is the legacy of taking care to choose wisely in selecting our spouse.  Maybe the point is that the marriage relationship and the roles of the man the wife working together as God ordained is such a critical part of society as a whole that leaving wisdom about the choice of a bride was the answer to the question “what should I say, my son?”.

Closing out the challenge for the month, I am thankful that God has given me a wife who models the traits in Proverbs 31.  May God help us both to build the legacy that honors Him and inspires and motivates those who come after us to do the same!

~ by brotherfaron on October 31, 2016.

One Response to “Proverbs Challenge, October 2016 – Day Thirty-one”

  1. I have been waiting to get to this chapter! Women always chuckle and roll their eyes when you mention “the Proverbs 31 Woman!” This woman is thought of to be an almost unattainable goal, a high mark to which young mothers cannot reach. I agree completely! This kind of woman is impossible to become if you do not have your eyes fixed on God and His word. Beginning in verse 10, there are qualifications that seem intimidating and unrealistic for daily life, yet the key is found in verse 30.

    “A woman who fears the LORD, she shall be praised.”

    It is fitting that Proverbs begins and ends with “the fear of the LORD.” This is the key that unlocks all the wisdom found in the Bible. Father, help me hide your word in my heart, so I may not sin against Thee.

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