Reflections on Life View

After a conversation with someone on the subject of our world views, I found myself thinking about what I am calling my life view.  I started thinking about whether I see my life from the vantage point of how God fits into my life or from the perspective of how my life fits into God’s plan.  The difference seems significant.

When I think about my life being my own and I see God having to fit into my plans, my career ambitions, my goals, I discover that I am placing the sovereign God of All Creation in a very small box.  I begin to realize that such a view, while perhaps held by many, is not at all a view of life that makes any sense.  The very concept of God, a being who is so vast and so powerful as to be the author of all things, precludes me from seeing Him as having to fit into my life or as having to approach me on my terms.  Instead, the concept of God, at least from the perspective of a God who created all things and who rules over them, calls for me to take the view of life that my life must fit into God’s plan.

When I take that life view (the view that God has a master plan and is working out His purpose and plan in all things), I discover that my objective is to seek understanding of how my life fits into God’s design.  I find that there is a purpose, not my own, for which I exist.  My life is a gift from my Creator and He has designed me and created me for His purpose.  Thus, my joy and satisfaction in life will never be found in following my own passion and ambition.  Instead, this life view teaches me that true and lasting happiness and fulfillment are found in yielding to the plan God has for me.

What’s your life view?

~ by brotherfaron on December 3, 2016.

One Response to “Reflections on Life View”

  1. I think I have been more aware of fitting into God’s plan since Marion passed away. It being part of a plan God has is all that made any sense. It surely was not part of my plan. And I see it in other things, too. What once looked like my mistakes or bad choices seem to fit into a Master Plan as I look back. Not all my bad choices, but some of them.

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