Two Words and Three Circles

Make Disciples.  Two simple words.  My understanding is in Greek there is one word- an imperative command which translates into the two English words “make disciples”.  It is the imperative Jesus gives to those who follow Him.  When Jesus invited a couple of fishermen to follow Him, Jesus said He would make them fishers of men.  Jesus taught the men who followed Him to call others to follow as well.  Jesus still calls us to follow Him and when we do, when our lives are transformed by an encounter with Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, we are to become fishers of men.  We are to make disciples.

The challenge is so many of us offer excuses for failing in our responsibility to make disciples.  We say that we don’t know how.  We say it is too hard to memorize a bunch of bible verses and then recall them in sequence when we are engaged in a conversation inviting others to follow Christ.  The good news is that someone has come up with a simple, down to earth presentation of the gospel that any of us can use, if we just will!  Check out the information when you google for “three circles gospel”.  You’ll find a very simple way to communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ to broken people (and we’re all broken at some point because we are all sinners) without using terms many today do not even understand (for example, the concept of “getting saved” is completely foreign to many people outside our church culture).

Basically, the three circles gospel enables us to use three circles to pictorially show the gospel.  One circle is labeled “God’s Design” and we use it to talk about God’s plan in creating man for relationship with and the glory of his Creator.  A simple line from that circle to the next circle shows how we tend to drift or depart from God’s Design.  We can label that line “sin” and use the line to talk about how the path away from God’s design leads to the second circle labeled “Brokenness”.  We use this second circle to describe what brokenness is like (it’s emptiness, life without purpose, disappointment and discouragement, etc.).  Then, we draw two or three short, crooked lines away from the second circle and talk about how we all try to find an answer for brokenness until we finally realize the answer we need is not within ourselves.  That’s when we draw the third circle labeled “Gospel”.  Here, we talk about the bible’s word for good news and explain that what we could not do for ourselves (i.e., fix our brokenness) God has done for us in Jesus Christ.  We talk about how Jesus, God in the flesh, came down to earth to die for our sins and then rose again to give us eternal life and restore our connection to the God who created us.  To finish the gospel presentation, we draw a line from the second circle (brokenness) to the third (the Gospel) and we write “repent” and “believe” above and below the line, explaining how repent means we turn from our own path and choose to follow Christ.  We invite the listener to believe that Jesus is the Son of God who died for our sins and rose again to give us life.  Finally, on the line between the Gospel and the first circle (God’s design), we write “recover & pursue”.  Then we explain that as a follower of Christ we are empowered to recover and pursue God’s plan for our life which is to grow in our relationship with Christ and Go back to those who are broken and invite them to follow Christ as well.  Simple, isn’t it?  Why not try it today!  See what God will do when you “go and make disciples”!

~ by brotherfaron on May 27, 2017.

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