Giving God Our Leftovers

For some time now, I have been troubled by the way so many believers treat God.  I am troubled because I can see that I, too, have been guilty of the same thing I see in others that grieves me so much.  Here’s what bothers me:  we tend to give God our leftovers.

How many times have you known of someone who contacts the church and offers to give something such as a piece of furniture, a computer, or some other thing they are about to get rid of?  Maybe you have even had a business that is going to remodel their facility and they make a charitable donation of the old furnishings to the church.  Maybe you, yourself, have even donated some old clothes, some books, a desk or chair or other furnishing that you no longer want.  So, what is wrong with that?  Why not give it to the church and take the tax credit, right?  Or maybe we are more spiritual and just give it but skip the tax credit.

Think about it.  God, who owns it all anyway, gave us His One and Only Begotten Son to die on a cruel cross for our sins.  God gave us His best and we give Him the stuff we no longer want?  It just bothers me.  Somehow it seems to me that we should give God our very best instead of our left overs.  I’ve been thinking about bible verses concerning giving and hoping I could find one or two that tell us to “bring into God’s storehouse the things you are about to throw away”, but I am having no success.  Instead, I find instruction to bring the “first fruits” and the like.  I find that God valued the small, penny-like offering a poor widow than He valued the larger gifts given by the rich.

The thing that really bugs me is that our attitude toward giving things carries over into our attitude toward giving of our time and self.  We give God our time as long as we “have time” and are not too busy with trips to the beach or lake, with family get togethers, with getting caught up on yard work, and so on.  God gets the time we have left over after we do all the things that are important to us.  He even gets what’s left of us, once we’ve done all the things we want to do.

Maybe we should all give more thought to what we give God.  Is He getting only what I have left over or am I giving God my very best in all things?  Thoughts and comments?


~ by brotherfaron on August 6, 2017.

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