Leave Different Than When You Came

Reading the other day, I came across a saying posted over the exit doors of a church which read “Come as you are. Don’t leave as you came”. It reminded me of a song we sang years ago in churches I attended. The lyrics of that song said “I’ll not leave here like I came, in Jesus’ name; bound, oppressed, tormented, sick or lame. For the Holy Ghost of Acts is still the same. I’ll not leave here like I came in Jesus’ name!”

Reflecting back on those words, I suspect that many who attend worship in our churches today may often leave just as they came. A single blog post doesn’t provide adequate space to delineate the multiplicity of reasons this may be true. Let it suffice for now to merely consider the possibility without debating its accuracy. Think for instance about your own experience when attending church. How often do you leave the worship experience with a genuine sense of change in your life? How often do you leave the same as when you came?

So, what do we do? How can we work towards experiencing a difference? Once again, a single blog post really is not an adequate platform to address the possibilities. For now, I just hope some of us – no, many of us- commit to intentionally seeking to worship God in a way that transforms us so we leave different than when we came!

~ by brotherfaron on February 24, 2018.

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