Brother Faron is a Pastor/Teacher/Missionary in the service of the Lord Jesus Christ.  He and his wife, Nancy, currently serve with Lake Pointe Baptist Church, Dadeville, Alabama.  A retired First Sergeant of Marines, Brother Faron enjoys proclaiming the Word of God and is continuing to seek opportunities to advance the Kingdom of God.

6 Responses to “About”

  1. hello, brother faron, I am truly pleased of visit your web site. it is very interesting. Here in venezuela we remember you and wish the best blessings for you, your family and church in Alabama. Greetings to Nancy and Sharon

    • Thank you, my brother! Please convey our warm greeting to the family of Christ in Urachiche! Nancy and I think of you often and we hope to visit again when the Lord permits! Blessings of grace and peace to you always.

  2. lovely blog and delighted to meet you..ELiza Keating

  3. Brother Faron, I enjoyed reading your blog and want to say thank you, for it put in a perspective that I can understand.
    God bless,

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